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     Contrary to the Israelis’ (Zionists) claim of being descendants of the original Israelites, the truth of the matter is that THEY ARE NO SUCH THING! While the original Israelites (ex., Judah, Simeon, Joseph, Moses, Solomon, etc.), along with their modern day descendants are Black people, the Zionists’ true origins, for the most part, can be traced back to Eastern Europe and the ancient kingdom of the Khazars. Dwelling in the area just north of the Caucasus Mountains (now Western Russia), the Khazars served as a blockade against invading Muslims who were trying to make their way into Eastern Europe by way of the Caucasus Mountains (about A.D. 642-737). In fact, if Muslims had not of been blockaded in this region by the Khazars, the history of Eastern Europe would have certainly been different as various historians have noted.


    Nevertheless, around “740 A.D., the king or Khaqan of the Khazars, his court, and the military ruling class embraced the Jewish faith, and Judaism became the State religion of the Khazars" (Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe, p. 15).

However, this initial embrace of Judaism by the Khazars represented only one phase in their conversion process. “A generation or two after the conversion there was a reformation of religion under their king Obadiah, when synagogues and schools were built and the Khazars became familiar with Torah, Mishnah and Talmud and with the liturgy” (D.M. Dunlop, The History of the Jewish Khazars. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1954, p. 148). Eventually, Judaism had become so deeply embedded amongst the Khazars that their adherence to this religion was maintained amongst the significant amount of Khazars who had migrated into other Eastern and Central European lands before and after the collapse of their state. Initially, some of those lands included Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and the Balkans, which, in addition to the Khazars’ land of origin (now Russia), cultivated and produced the majority of white so-called Jewry one sees today.

     Moreover, out of the midst of white European nationalism, imperialism, colonialism, along with the European scramble for Africa, the Middle East and a variety of other lands, came to birth the Zionist movement in the late 1800’s. By that time, white so-called Jews had dwelt all over Europe, but oftentimes found themselves alienated from their host countries. Rather than setting their hearts on a national homeland in Europe to solve their problems, the so-called Jews promulgated the lie through Zionism that they were the descendants of the original Israelites and set out to conquer the land of Israel as if they were the true heirs to that land.


    With the publishing of the Zionist manifesto entitled, Der Judenstaat (German for The Jew-State) in 1896 by the Hungarian born so-called Jew Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), and with the emergence of the Zionist Congress with Herzl as its first president, Zionism had reached a major turning point in its development. Without prior precedent, Herzl worked to place his Zionist scheme on the imperialistic agenda of any major

European power that had the capacity and willingness to support a so-called Jewish settlement in Israel under the protection of that European power. By doing this, the Zionists hoped to create a scenario that would allow continuous waves of so-called Jewry to settle in Israel with protection and without inhibition so that in the long-run their increasing numbers would be enough in the region to set up a Zionist State in Israel. Herzl did not live long enough to see this scheme manifest.


    Nonetheless, it was the British, who had previously taken part in the Berlin Conference (1884-1885), which further sanctioned the carving up of Africa into a political jigsaw puzzle, who finally realized that the Zionists could be used strategically as instruments for their own imperial and colonial ambitions. At the outset, the British sought to place the so-called Jews in places such as Egypt and East Africa or in other British possessions that were not yet inhabited by white settlers. However, the Zionists rejected these proposals and kept the land of Israel as their primary and only target for conquest.


    It wasn’t until the outbreak of World War I that the British saw the real benefits of establishing a protectorate over a Zionist colony in Israel. The British needed to create a stronghold in the region in order to protect their control of the Suez Canal from attack as well as to protect their other interest in the Middle East, and a British protectorate over a Zionist colony in Israel would fulfill those needs. Therefore, a quid pro quo deal was struck between the British and the Zionists (1917). The British were able to have their stronghold over Israel with the use of a friendly subject people, and the Zionists got the protectorate that they were looking for, which would allow their immigration plot to go forth.


    However, as time went on, and as new interests began to develop for the British, especially with their Arab “friends” in oil rich territories in the Middle East, the Zionists in Israel no longer viewed the British mandate over Israel as an asset. The Zionists realized that the British had become a barrier to their immigration plot, for the British had hampered immigration of so-called Jews into Israel in order to appease their Arab friends who were against so-called Jewish immigration into Israel. As a result, three years after World War II, the Zionists defeated the British in an effort to gain independence and declared such in 1948. This declaration of independence and the establishment of the Zionist State in Israel officially solidified the Zionist Lie. Although the Zionists were not authentic Jews, they had succeeded in stealing both the identity and the national homeland of the original Black Twelve Tribes of Israel.




Zionism Revealed

David Ben Gurion (first prime minister of the Zionist state) stands with a portrait of Theordor Herzl displayed behind him.